Laser Vago training at Hunts Sailing Club

By Edward Deacon on 30 Apr

The Vagos gathered for their first training session of the year at Hunts SC with 10 Vagos of all abilities enjoyed all conditions with light wind exercises progressing to short races and trapeze and spinnaker work. Training and coaching was led by Richard de Fleury and Dave Baxter from Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club and Ed Deacon from Hunts SC, who hosted the event for the Vago Association and 3000s at the club.

Boats came from as far as Portsmouth to join in. it was a start of season designed for blowing the cobwebs out, with rigging tips and trapeze techniques for novice crews. We then set a windward leeward course to practice kite hoists and drops. Using photos for feedback and video coaching to perfect their techniques. Quick tacking and gybes to improve the movement in the boat. There was marked improvement with better communication and team work coming together with some very close races on Sunday.

With the fresh wind conditions saw the odd swim but on the whole some very good sailing. Most helms and crews went for a very social curry Saturday evening which rounded of a great training day

We joined in with the club racing on the Sunday which was equally windy as Saturday but with some very strong gusts and wind shifts to keep everybody on their toes, leading, with some close racing with the lead changing throughout the race making it very enjoyable.

I would like to thank people for joining in and the club members for helping making it a great weekend.

Sunday results

1st Stephen Carver & Alexander Russell
2nd Ed Deacon & Jeannette Chin
3rd Rachael Clubb & Kath Gerighty
4th Dave Baxter & Xiaofan Wang

We looking forward to arranging another training weekend next year.

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