Langstone Harbour Race Weekend – Regatta Tracking @raceQs


This year, the LHRW will include the option for competitors to race with GPS tracking.  This is a completely free service, provided by RaceQ’s and should enhance the racing experience over the weekend.  Relive those pivotal moments during the racing, find out where the battles were one and lost and clock your top speed over the weekend.

All you need is a smart phone, and the RaceQ’s app…. oh, and a dry bag to put it in!

To sign up for this free service, visit the RaceQ’s website to set-up your sailor profile and learn how to track your racing.

All successfully tracked entrants will be able review their races against other competitors at our very own regatta page:

If you would like help in setting up your device – bring your smart phone along to the race briefing on the Friday night, where Richard Barnes and Simon Dowdell will be on hand to offer assistance.

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