Vago Speed Record Smashed! @LaserPerform @SchneiderUK

We have a new Laser Vago speed record!


On the 16th May 2015, John (helm) & Jack (crew) Davies raised the bar once again and set a new speed record for the Laser Vago fleet in their Vago #1067 ‘Little Ranzo’


Sailing on the non-tidal marine lake at West Kirby Sailing Club, on the Wirral, Merseyside, the combination of a steady 22-25 knots of wind from West and the lack of chop on the lake provided the perfect conditions for smashing the current record.


The new record of 20.1 mph / 17.47 knots smashes the current non-tidal record, set at Rutland SC in 2013 of 18.3 mph / 15.9 knots.  It even surpasses the current tidal record, set in 2014 in Fremantle/Perth Australia at 18.5 mph / 16.1 knots.

See the FULL TABLE HERE on the UKVA website:


Do you have what it takes?  All you need is a GPS / speed tracking device, big winds and a rather large pair of Cojones!  We ask all prospective record breaking submissions to be made with proof of your speed in order to be considered, and a photo and/or video always go down well to!  Submissions to be made via the Laser Vago facebook group or via email to


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