Vago Class August Offer @LaserPerform


Vago Summer

The summer is here and we are all clock watching, counting the hours down before it’s that time to get the Vago out. The last thing you need is that small part that breaks and loses you a day of sailing.

Score big on new parts and Hurry to save 8% off with our August-only coupon code “NEED4SPEED”

It’s go time and just what you need for the Vago training day at Scaling Dam Sailing club on the 22nd of August with none other than the Vago guru Dave Baxter, for more information click on the link below:


Online Parts Locator

Don’t forget to help you find that part you need, we have Parts locators online for you to save time which can be found on our web site, just click on the link below and look for the PDF file called “ Parts Locator “ half way down the page .


Important Info: To take advantage of this offer, all orders have to be placed online and before the 31st of August to be able to use the Vago

class offer.

If you need anything from the Team please call 01327 841600 or email


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