Scaling Dam SC Vago Training Day Review

On Saturday (22nd August) Dave Baxter one of the excellent coaches from the Vago Class Association came to the Scaling Dam Sailing Club to coach the slowly growing group of Vago Sailors. In total there were 5 Vagos on the water, 4 Club Boats and 1 visitor from Carsington Sailing Club, the sailors covered a range of abilities, although most of us hadn’t done a lot of racing, and therefore the day was focused around boat handling. The day started with a bit of class room tuition, followed by shore based trapeze practice. Then out on the water practicing roll tacks, gybes and tight circling, in the light winds that were available to us. After lunch we had more time on the water playing with the spinnaker improving boat handling and balance. All in all it was a great day and wonderful to see a group of Vago’s out on the water. Everyone hopes to repeat similar next year and to make sure we get out on the water all together more regularly. The day was sponsored by the Class Association and Noble Marine, without their support events like this wouldn’t be possible, and wouldn’t encourage more sailors to get on the water and gain confidence.


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