Barts Bash Final Results – 32 Vago’s Ranked – @BartsBash @LaserPerform


The second Barts Bash event was held back in September 2015, pitching sailors of all abilities, from all over the world against each other.  The organising team have worked tirelessly to calculate the results for the 14,357 entrants and have now published the final numbers for 2015.

A total of 44 Vagoer’s in 32 boats competed across the world, with the top Vago honors going to our current traveller series and national champion, Dave Baxter in Vago 1814, “Sharknado” from Yorkshire Dales SC.  In second place, sailing 0.21008 m/s slower were Richard & Hannah Barnes in Vago 200, “VeeBee” from Tudor SC, followed by Lee Carter in Vago 742 in third from Yorkshire Dales SC.

To see the full Vago league table results on the Barts Bash website click here.



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