Vago Inland Nationals, Saturday 19th October & Sunday 20th October 2013 – Rutland SC

The Vago fleet held their Inland Nationals at Rutland

This always is a popular event as it is well organised and with the other Laser multiclasses it makes for a great atmosphere and a great bit of water to race on. We were all lead to believe that the weekend was going to be gusty so as the Vago has both the XD and the Standard mainsail we were waiting to see if the wind was going to follow the forecast. In the end we all went for the XD option, which was fortunate as the wind stayed between F2-F3 which led to some very close and tactical racing the fleet on all of the first 3 races the Vago’s caught up the Laser 2000 and the fleet finished within about a minute of each other which made the results very close. We had a long windward leeward course of 2 laps each with the wind favouring the right-hand side of the course but little shifts allowed you to gain some distance where you could. There was a very close battle at the front of the fleet between Dave Baxter and Stephen Carver with Tim Lachlan cope and Ed Deacon finishing almost alongside each other. And the mid fleet changing places all the time throughout the race it was very enjoyable racing.

We then held the AGM minutes will follow and then all nipped off to a local curry house to finish the day off, what a fantastic day.

Sunday we started off with some tuning getting people’s mast rake angles right 667cm this was quite interesting how much some boats were out.

The weather came in more like the forecast predicted though initially light it filled in to F6 with white horses all over the course. We all opted for the XD again but a few of us wished we had reefed halfway through the afternoon but the exhilarating feeling on the kite runs was fantastic even if we were just holding on by the skin of our teeth. And the up turned hulls of Vago’s at the gybe points showed just how much fun we were having. Now the double-hander’s came into their own and watching them fly downwind was fantastic. Stephen carver took race 4 with Stuart Harris taking 2nd the single-hander’s were back in the main fleet finding they needed to have eaten a much bigger breakfast! Stuart Harris and Fraser Harris then came to take the next 2 races 5 & 6 by this time Stephen had done enough with his 2nd place to take the Inland National but it was very closely fought for.
Everyone appeared to really enjoy this weekend and we look forward to the start of next year to get together and have some more fun look out for the fixtures list at the start of the year (training events and open events) come along and join in, have some fun

Rank Helm Crew Sail No Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
1 Stephen Carver Tim Lachlan Cope 1687 Hunts SC 1 2 2 1 2 (DNF) 8
2 Dave Baxter 358 Yorkshire Dales SC 2 1 1 (7) 3 2 9
3 Stuart Harris Fraser Harris 740 Banbury SC 5 6 (7) 2 1 1 15
4 Ed Deacon 164 Hunts SC 3 3 3 (5) 5 4 18
5 John Davies Jack Davies 1067 West Kirby SC 7 (11) 4 3 4 3 21
6 Douglas Cooley Sally Harris 996 Bartley SC 4 4 9 9 8 (DNC) 34
7 Andy Regan Charlie Grant 481 Bough Beach (10) 8 8 6 6 6 34
8 Paul Fuller Victoria Rose 463 Reddich SC 11 7 5 8 (DNC) 7 38
9 Lee Carter Dan Trowsdale 742 Yorkshire Dales SC 9 (13) 13 4 9 5 40
10 Rachael Clubb Kath Gerighty 1675 Hunts SC 6 9 6 13 (DNC) DNC 49
11 George Whittle Henry Whittle 1688 Hunts SC 8 14 12 10 (DNF) 8 52
12 Richard Barnes Hannah Barnes 200 Tudor SC 13 5 10 11 (DNC) DNC 54
13 Paul Anderson Felicity Jones 303 Blackwater SC/Bala SC 12 10 (DNF) 12 7 DNF 56
14 Mark Williamson Peter Davies 1118 West Kirby SC 14 12 11 (DNF) 10 9 56