Laser Vago Class Association Merchandise – the Autumn / Winter Collection has landed! @LaserPerform


Have you seen the photos of the snazzy hoodies that were awarded to the top 4 placed boats at the 2014 Noble Marine Inland Championships at Rutland SC? Great aren’t they! A few members have contacted the association asking where to get them from… well look no further!


The Laser Vago Class Association would like to introduce our new 2014 Autumn / Winter collection!!! The items are available from an external website, which allows you to order bespoke items in your choice of colour / design. Our very own membership administrator, Dan Trowsdale has designed some fantastic images for the collection, which we hope you will enjoy. Thanks for all your hard work Dan!

To see the full collection and place your orders, please click on the link below…


Noble Marine Vago Inland National Championships – REPORT @LaserPerform

Report by Ed Deacon, Vago #164

The Vago fleet held their Noble Marine Inland Nationals at Rutland on the 18th/19th. The wind and weather forecast meant only a few determined helms and crews came but this led to some very interesting racing. This popular event was well organised and with the other ex-Laser Multi-Classes it makes for a great atmosphere and a great bit of water to race on.

We were all lead to believe that the weekend was going to be strong base winds with even stronger gusts, (and they were right) so since the Vago has both the ‘XD and the Standard mainsail we were waiting to see if the wind was going to follow the forecast. In the end, the Saturday Single-handers went for the reef-able standard rig and most of the double-handers went for the ‘XD option, which was fortunate as the wind stayed between F5-F6 which led to some very close and tactical racing but I think everyone went over at some point.

P1210733The first race had a long windward leeward course of 2 laps each with the wind stirring up a swell the right-hand side of the course seemed a little bit flatter behind the spit but with slightly more shifts allowed you to gain some distance where you could not being so over powered. There was a very close battle at the front of the fleet between Stuart and Fraser Harris with their well powered up ‘XD and Dave Baxter and Ed Deacon Single-handed standard rig but the more powerful rig taking 1st in the first 2 races followed by Dave and Ed a very close race between Andy Regan with Kath Gerighty and Paul Fuller with Victoria Rose who were trading places all around the course, Richard with Hannah very close behind. Then as the wind started to increase it started to take it toll on the boats with a few DNF’s for the 2nd race.

The third race was filling in even more with a reduced fleet Stuart and Fraser started well but dropped his crew followed by a hard capsize put them out of the running, Dave and Ed were neck and neck around the course and finished within a metre of each other and Paul managed to squeeze in front of Andy to take 4th place over night.

P1210769On Sunday the weather came in more like the forecast predicted (MORE wind). Though initially light it filled in to F6 with white horses all over the course these began to be blown flat with gusts around 39 knots. The single-handers were reefed at the start line with Jibs being used like spinnakers or between gusts. Stuart Harris opted for the ‘XD again but being over powered never made it down the course (well upright anyway) a few wished we had reefed halfway through with their standard mains. We managed 2 laps but most of that was in or under the water or the exhilarating feeling of the Vago hummm with the worrying thought of at some point we have to change direction at some point, was fantastic even if we were just holding on by the skin of our teeth. The up turned hulls of Vagos at the gybe points and tacks showed just how much fun we were having. Now the double-handers came into their own and watching them fly downwind was fantastic. Andy who capsized on the start line chased us all down and while we were swimming came through to take first place (believing that they were still at the back) followed by Exhausted Ed and Determined Dave taking 2nd and 3rd the rest DNF’ed.

Dave took the Inland Nationals title and made it a clean sweep this year of all the major opens but it was very closely fought for at each event.
Everyone appeared to really enjoy this weekend and we look forward to the start of next year to get together and have some more fun.


A big thank-you to our event partners Noble Marine Insurance who sponsored the event, funding the prizes for the top four boats (our lovely new Vago Hoodies).

And thank-you to Laser Performance donated two vouchers which were used as raffle prizes for those who participated in the event.  Congratulations to Dave Baxter, who won the £100 LP voucher and to Paul Fuller & Victoria Rose who won the £50 LP voucher.

The final results are available to view here: FINAL RESULTS

Photos from the event are here: EVENT PHOTOS

Day 2 Video – Richard Barnes

Dave Baxter Video – Vago 1814 “SHARKNADO”


Laser Performance 10% off Vago Sails Offer (closes 31st October 2014)

header1October 2014

Dear Laser Vago owner

LaserPerformance are starting to work closer with the Vago Class this means we can keep you  up to date with all the latest news and information. We also have a new LaserPerformance Showroom opening at our Northamptonshire office which you are more than welcome to pop in and say hello to the LaserPerformance team.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


LaserPerformance would like to start running special offers to the Vago Class as you’re important to us and

We would like to help grow Vago Sailing. Please follow the link  LaserPerformance online store to take advantage of the below offer. Offers Ends 31st  of October and can only be used at www.laserperformance.comheader3

Important Info: To take advantage of this offer, all orders have to be placed by 31st of October to be able to use the Vago spares offer.

All offers are including VAT.

LaserPerformance wish you all the luck for 2014 and if you need anything from the Team please call 01327 841600

or email

Peter Collins,

Sales Executive

Laser Vago Noble Marine Inland National Championships – October 18th and 19th 2014 (NOR & SIs)

The Laser Vago Noble Marine Inland National Championships will be held at Rutland SC over the weekend of the 18th – 19th October 2014.

Download the Notice of Race & Entry Form here:  RSC NoR 2k 4k 5k Vago Vortex 2014 V4

For class association members, the entry fee is £24 per boat for double-handers, £19 for single-handers. For non-class association members, the entry fees are £34 and £29 respectively.

3x back to back races on Saturday 18th October, first warning signal scheduled for 11:55. 3x back to back races on Sunday 19th October, first warning signal scheduled for 10:25.

Download the draft Sailing Instructions, including the course diagram here: RSC SI’s 2k 4k 5k vago vortex oct 2014 Draft V3

(Note. I must remember to go around the wing mark this year! #200 VeeBee)

3,2,1 start sequence, with Vagos starting after the 5ks, Vortexs, 4ks & 2ks (i.e. last!)